Hire of Hall

The hire rates for the Hall are shown below:

Discounts on these rates are available for bookings of 10 or more consecutive weeks. Please contact the Booking Secretary, Linda Collins.

If you wish to book the hall beyond 8hr, you can book additional hours by the hour or pay the full day rate, whichever is cheaper.


To download a Booking Form please click here


To download Terms & Conditions, please click here


To download Health & Safety Conditions click here


Clicking these links will open the Booking Form or Terms & Conditions in a new window in your browser. You will then be able to print or save the document.

If you want to see if the Hall is already booked for the date that you want, please click on the 'Calendar' link at the top of the page. Sometimes our customers are willing to be flexible about their booking times. If your time is already booked, check with Linda Collins to see if it's flexible (contact details on booking form and contact tab on this website). 

Covid-19 Information

The Stuart Memorial Hall is now fully open in accordance with the Government's Step 4 out of lockdown. Please note that, under the latest Government guidance the HIRER is responsible for the Covid safety of people attending their events.

We have undertaken a detailed Covid Risk Assessment which you can read and download here.

In order to keep the Stuart Memorial Hall Covid secure you should follow these steps:

  1. No-one should enter the Hall if, in the last 10 days, they or anyone in their household has Covid-19 or Covid-19 symptoms, has had contact with a confirmed Covid patient or been told by NHS Track & Trace to self isolate or has visited a red or amber listed country, even if they have no symptoms. This remains the law regardless of vaccination status.
  2. Scan the NHS Track & Trace QR code on arrival
  3. Use the hand sanitiser available on arriving. Soap and paper towels are provided in the toilets.
  4. Respect and be considerate of those who are more vulnerable, those wishing to take a more cautious approach or those not yet fully vaccinated by maintaining a safe distance.
  5. Wear a face mask when you come into contact with people you don't normally meet or whilst in confined areas, eg. kitchen or toilet.
  6. Take turns to use confined spaces, eg. the toilets. We recommend only 1 person at a time to use these facilities.
  7. People should follow the instrucions of the event organiser.
  8. Keep rooms well ventilated by opening doors and windows (NB. please close before you leave)
  9. 'Catch it, bin it, kill it'. Tissues should be safely disposed of in one of the rubbish bins provided.
  10. Avoid touching multiple surfaces. Hirers should continue to clean high contact points using the wipes provided. An emergency kit with instructions is provided in the kitchen.
  11. If you develop Covid-19 symptoms within 10 days of visiting the Hall, self isolate immediately and get a PCR test. Alert NHS Track and Trace, the organiser of your event and the Hall Booking Secretary.

All of the above steps will will help protect our friends, families and communities, including those full vaccinated. Action now will reduce any further resurgence of Covid-19 in coming months.

We advise that organisers of events and professional trainers, eg. exercise classes, dog training, martial arts etc. should complete their own risk assessments before using the Hall.