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Please VOTE for Stuart Memorial Hall Centenary Project

Some time ago, the National Lottery invited us to take part in their People’s Projects competition. Our project is called the Stuart Memorial Hall Centenary Project and we have been shortlisted in the final five projects for the ITV Anglia West region. Three of the finalists will win up to £50000 for their project, based on the number of public votes. Our project has been filmed and will appear on the ITV Anglia West News at 6pm on April 5th.

The centenary of the Stuart Memorial Hall is in 2024 and our aim is to bring the Hall back to its former glory and update it. The project will include the installation of a permanent wheelchair ramp and car parking spaces, a hard path to the back of the Hall for wheelchair access, complete redecoration, new curtains and repair and replacement of roof tiles.The Hall was built in memory of Tempsford servicemen who lost their lives in the First World War. It seems fitting that, at the centenary of the end of the war, we re-dedicate the Hall to their memory and make it fit for the future local community.

Voting will commence on the People’s Project website:   on 1st April at 9am and closes at 12 noon on April 15th. Ours is the only project in Bedfordshire in the ITV Anglia West region so, for those who live in Bedfordshire, we simply ask you to support your local Bedfordshire project. If you live outside of Bedfordshire, we would still love to have your support (anyone of any age, anywhere in the UK can vote).